Celebration of Nine Generations

When Irish born Catherine Dougherty and Richard Skarritt married in Ireland their dreams became the Skarritt heritage we celebrate with this Skaritt Family Tree.  The strength that comes with family loyalty, and the inherent wisdom to respect and support family is what has produced a celebration of nine generations.  Their lives began in Belfast and Dublin Ireland with Richard born in 1800.  Catherine’s birthdate is yet to be discovered.  After the birth of five children they immigrated to the United States in 1837 where seven additional children were born.

Generation #1 — Richard and Catherine

The Skarritt Family Tree included with this writing starts with Richard and Catherine as the first generation.  Their children are shown as the second generation.  The numbering continues as the family expands and the branches grow.  The information recorded in the family tree has all been compiled from writings and verbal memories. In 1973 Mildred Skarritt Bachelor made a Skarritt family bible available to Margaret Skarritt Melville so that she might copy the information recorded in that bible.  Mildred kept the bible but Margaret was able to record four generations of information.  The first Skarritt Family Tree printed and distributed in 1973 is based on this information.  Headstone information from Oxbow (Lakeside) Cemetery, and Highland Twp Cemetery, in Oakland County, Michigan, and also Reed Cemetery, Victor Twp, Clinton County, Michigan have been recorded.  The intent of this family tree information is to pass what we know on to others with the hope that future generations will research and continue collecting and correcting the information families have shared.

New Information has been added as it has been discovered and the family branches have grown.  Any additional information is appreciated that may be added to our Skarritt Family Tree pages.  You may contact Margaret Skarritt Melville at 810-629-1933, or melvillemk@gmail.com.

May this record of our Skarritt family warm your heart and give you pleasure.